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June Birthstone

It is because June is also the month of Gemini, the twins, and duplicity (in the fun way) that June has not one, two, but THREE gemstones as birthstones? Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone--two of my favorites, actually, as they are what I started my designing life with.

Alexandrite I actually haven't used. It is unusual in that it changes color: in daylight it is green or blue-green, but in incandescent light it presents a soft shade of red or raspberry-like color. 

Pearls we all love, pretty much like diamonds. Their color, iridescence, and "soft" texture make them a sensuous favorite. Lately I favor darker shades, like Tahitian pearls, which exude a little bit of mystery, too.

Moonstone was one of the first tangents I took when I first started designing,13 years ago. I love their milky quality still, and use the iridescence they project to complement a variety of other stones in some of my more complex arrangements.

So if you're a June baby, stop on in and take one, two, or all three stones home this year!

Stay beautiful...

Moonstone--looks space-like, no?

Alexandrite, presenting two faces...

Pearls. Amazing that they come from an oyster's discomfort.


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