Joyful Hearts Holiday Party

What a rush this holiday season was, am I right!? Now that we've had a couple of weeks to settle into the new year, we wanted to highlight a very important foundation that we were honored to work with last year, The Joyful Heart Foundation. We partnered up and hosted a holiday party at my Sacramento Street store. It was such a success we were able to donate almost $11,000! 

We would like to give a warm shout out to the kind and beautiful Heidi Gerber (pictured below) for introducing us to this amazing cause. 

Mabel Chong (left) Heidi Gerber (right)

Thank you to my two employees Nicole and Kyle for helping to make this night possible. We all had a blast doing it as you can tell from the photo below. 

To find out more about this amazing cause visit their website: http://www.joyfulheartfoundation.org/ and donate to support those who have suffered from domestic violence. 


-Mabel Chong

Golden Globe --a Mild Fever

In the midst of all the holiday-rama coming our way, I am also starting to get excited about the Golden Globes awards in January. Why, you ask? Because I will have a table there, alongside the red carpet, where actresses and stars will swing by to try out my designs!

I've never done something like this, so I'm nervous like a guilty chihuahua. But I'm also intoxicated by the idea....who will be there?

I'd love to see Taraji P. Henson or Elisabeth Moss try something on....but what if Keri Russell just ditches what she's wearing and puts on some Mabel Chong? Michelle Williams and Emma Stone--so many to choose from!

Below: Why aren't these beauties wearing Mabel Chong?


JIS Miami Show Next Week--come visit me! 15% off these items

Kyle and I are going to the JIS Miami show next week, and it's a weird thing to consider, what with the tropical storms and all. The show has actually been moved this year to the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center, 30 miles north of Miami Beach. I have not shown at this event before, and it is supposed to have a different audience than the NY or SF shows I regularly exhibit at, so I am of course a little nervous about that. But throw 'hurricane season' into the mix, and it's a daunting affair!

That being said, please come to the show and let me dazzle you with my designs! What's interesting about this show is that it is also cash-n-carry, so almost everything will be on sale.

If you plan to attend, contact me and let's go out. I know nothing about Ft. Lauderdale, but I hear it's a good time if you're with the right people.

Below are a few designs I'm taking to the show for my Miami debut. 

Take 15% off any of these three items on my website, up until midnight Oct. 6. Use Promo code: MIAMI

Stay beautiful-


These are my Strawberry Kiwi earrings....stones luscious enough to lick!

strawberry kiwi earrings

San Francisco Hearts necklace. Because everyone in this town seems to come in different shades at some time or another...

Emerald Woods earrings. There's a lot of sparkle here, with depth to make any woman irresistible. 

Midsummer Daydreamin'
Hi, Kyle here.
Mabel is busy designing for the August NYNOW show, working on fabulous new Fall/Winter pieces: think classic gems in updated classic designs, creating fresh new looks that are unmistakably Mabel Chong. 
This pre-show design phase is always exciting, with everyone getting in the act. Mabel misses a few dinners with her family, though, as her peak concentration hours are at twilight—can any of you relate? 


I am focused on updating our booth design, to help merchandise Mabel's designs in the best of all possible light. It makes the show so much more fun when the environment supports her beautiful designs. I like to think I'm her Gabbana, and she's my Dolce!  Pictures to come!


Have you met Nicole? Mabel’s new right hand woman is like an April shower (well, for anyone who grew up east of the Mississippi, you'll know what I mean.) She makes everything run smoothly and she is doing an amazing job! She's also helping bring some new and exciting changes to the brand, which you'll see in the near future. 


But for starters, check out Mabel's updated Pinterest (@mabelchongjewelry).  
Finally, we look forward to seeing you in the store sometime. Better yet, make an appointment, and let’s get serious!
Hope to see you soon!
Anthem in Menlo Park!


I'm very excited to share that my friend Janelle Loevner, who owns Anthem a few doors down, is opening a brand new location in Menlo Park. When you walk into Anthem you feel a sort of "je ne sais quoi". Her store makes you feel like you're in a fantasy home-–which is a good thing considering her main focus is interior design!

Her aesthetic is creams and nudes, and patterns with texture and sparkle. She furnishes an eclectic mix of rustic and modern, classy and chic. The store is a trigger for the imagination.

I also want to announce that Anthem in Menlo Park is carrying my jewelry! So while you're shopping for your abode, be sure not to forget about yourself, too.

Below, Janelle talks about some of her favorite things featured in her store, in Silicon Valley Magazine--which is really quite an amazing publication!

Professional Business Women's Conference

As a woman who designs for women and as the mother of two young women-to-one-day-be, I couldn't be more thrilled to represent at the San Francisco PBWC show today (Professional Business Women's Conference).

With Hillary Clinton, Taraji Henson, Memory Banda, and Rosario Dawson speaking, it will be an amazing event. Libby Schaaf--the Mayor of Oakland--will be there, and a dozen others I hope I can see.

I've been doing this show for awhile, and it is always a refresher for me to see so many professional women working together to network, support, and enjoy one another.

Look for Instagrams and Facebook posts throughout the day. And if you can't make it over, know that I'm also providing a 15% online discount to anyone who can't make it to the conference. Use the promo PBWC at checkout, for 15% this week, up 'til April 1.

If you're at the show, 'lean in' over to my booth and say hi!”

Stay beautiful!


Weekend Chic!

Hello everyone, it's Tom again coming to you from the Union street Mabel Chong store. Surrounded by sport bars and athletic wear boutiques, I bring you my 2nd blog.

The topic this week is "Weekend Chic."  Working weekends on a street like Union, I've become somewhat of a "looks critic." Given all I see here, I have a few ideas about the topic.


1. Weekend chic in San Francisco shouldn't be about the expression of money. As a general rule I steer clear of the dreadful subject (of money), except to say that chic doesn't rely on money to exist and it can even be the death of chic.

2. Chic is what you bring to your choice of clothes and accessories, appropriate for the activity and with fashion trends in mind—or not.

3. Mabel's brick and mortar presence of course is San Francisco and it's the town I know best. However, with a vibrant online presence Mabel's reach is global, and we are grateful for the introduction.  San Francisco offers so much to those who live and visit here. To list them would be a bit boastful and not fair to those from far away.  And I'm sure there are things to boast beyond San Francisco. That said I encourage everyone to take a moment and google to see what is available to you in your location to enjoy and to bring your chic to that activity.  Create that memory today that will make for a happy life later on!

4) Whether you're a slave to fashion, just a casual observer, or confident of your own style choices and don't pay attention...the fact is trends are big news and influence everything you buy.  We may think we choose the color but it's already been decided for us two years prior by the big 3 forecasters  1) The Color Association of the United State, 2) the Color Marketing Group, and the Pantone Institute. 

So, with that in mind, here are the trends for Summer 2017 that said "Weekend Chic" to me when doing my research for the blog. 

1) Florals.  Head to toe.  Flower Power.  50th Celebration of San Francisco's "Summer of Love."  These are wallpaper-worthy florals.  And yes Miranda Priestly, it IS groundbreaking.

2) Stripes!  Graphic and BOLD...this is not a subtle stripe in demure colors

It is a bright and loud and in your face horizontal and vertical kind of stripe!

3) which segues into the next trend...the Super brights – brighter than the sun!

with the colors all mixed up and clashing.  Never has being what we have been told is wrong ever looked and felt so right!

4) Then over your favorite jeans or a skirt we have SHIRTS worn off the shoulder, or cold shoulder (think Flashdance) with the sleeves down to there and beyond.

the 80's are also on trend with Flashdance released in 1983 and too think Dynasty big shoulders and cinched waists but that's another blog!  More like "Weekday Torture" and not "Weekend Chic." 

5) and lastly, at least for the purposes of this blog is The Sheer Factor or Peekaboo think sundress transitioning from a walk on the beach to an evening concert in the park. It is you who will bring the lovely to the dress.

Fashion or Style don't always have to be at odds.  When they are blended it's a great tool to use when you're ready to freshen your existing wardrobe making it de rigueur and you au courant.  And then empowered by your own personal style you will confidently stride into that weekend of chic enjoying all that your environs have to offer with no worry about having to keep up with the Joneses because the truth is YOU are the Joneses!

Thank you for taking the time to read my little blog, please come see me at 1949 Union and if in the neighborhood Mabel and Kyle can be found at 3242 Sacramento,

Until next time,



Caring for your Gold-Filled and Gemstone Jewelry

Hello everyone, my name is Tom...I am the fellow who usually runs Mabel’s Union Street location.  I started working with Mabel a year ago, and it's been a fun ride.  I retired a little while back but work with Mabel because I love jewelry!

The excitement of owning a handcrafted piece of jewelry made by Mabel Chong is so palpable and raw.  Mabel calls it "Uncivilized Elegance."  Newness fades, though, and over time jewelry may lose its luster.  How do you revive it?  I'll get to that in a moment, but first let's discuss gold-filled jewelry, which Mabel uses frequently, in addition to 14K.

Gold-filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of Gold, which must constitute at least 5% of the item's total weight, mechanically bonded to sterling silver or a base metal. By comparison gold plating is a miniscule layer of solid gold applied to a brass base and it can wear off rather quickly and expose the brass base product. It does not stand up to heat, water or wear over time. The gold-filled, with it's 5% gold by weight, and with all the gold on it's surface, offers protection from tarnish and wear and even jewelry allergies.

With that little dossier about what gold-filled is, now let's discuss care and cleaning.  Gold filled jewelry has the same care regimen as 14K jewelry: keep jewelry away from chemicals and clean your items regularly with a mild, soapy solution, rinse, pat dry with a gentle cloth, and gently polish with a soft cloth.

And that's it. It really works, and you really want to do it to preserve the sparkle.

For your hard gemstones it is simply Warm water-detergent-soft brush.

For your porous gemstones it is Wipe with damp cloth; wipe dry immediately.

If you're not sure if your gemstone is hard or porous don't guess do a Google search or call us and we will get you that information. I'm going to list some of both types of stones here so you will easily get the general idea.

Hard gemstones where it's OK to use warm water detergent soft brush are:


porous gemstones where it's best to wipe with a damp cloth and wipe dry immediately are:







Some more tips about jewelry care:

1. Taking care of your jewelry is preventive maintenance.
2. Avoid chlorine! Spray on your perfume before putting on your jewelry.
3. Try not to wear the same piece to the gym every time you work out.
4. Don't wear it into the shower every day with shampoo running down your neck.
5. Love your jewelry and your jewelry will love you right back. After all, it's you who are bringing so much to the jewelry, so bring it a little love for making you look more confident, beautiful, and fabulous!
6. You can trust me on that!

Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog post, I hope to see you very soon!
Mabel Chong, 1949 Union Street
415 345 8833


Hello lovelies, it's Kyle time!

After a whirlwind tour with Mabel in NYC for the NYNOW show, and then a little 'discovery' trip of my own last weekend to Los Angeles, sourcing fabrics and styles for a line of clothing I hope to put into production soon, it became apparent that a few trends have big promise this summer and fall. Let's discuss.



This is the year to embellish a few pieces of your clothing with 'added value' items— anything from sequin patterns to plastic discs filled with glitter, like on this dress by Erin Robertson, who won Project Runway in 2016.


No these are not you grandmother's frocks, but Gucci 2017! Patches are everywhere this year. and unless you've been living under a rock, get out and go buy some patches that suit your style—pronto!—and apply them to your favorite bag, T-shirt, or jeans.

3D Fabric

The clothing below looks almost like lace, but it isn't. It's nylon that has been "printed" with a 3D printer. 3D printers are on the market for nearly $4,000, and enable you to draw up designs on a computer and then print from a variety of fabrics to make clothing that has a unique tensile strength, but also provides innovative new ways to drape. 3D fabrics are trending, and also help eliminate waste! (If 'waist elimination' is part of your program, however, that ball is still in your court!)


Leather has been styled throughout the years to provide glimpses of what's to come. In the past leather has been typically used more for outerwear, but this year it's invading your closet as a layer to work with your favorite denim, or wool overcoat. Seen here is Belstaff's 2017 Promo. 


Ath-leisure is casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear. Combine these elements to create a chic look that is easily dressed up with heels, or dressed down with a sneaker or flat. Ath-leisure easily transitions through the day, from afternoon to evening. Check out the "technical cashmere" lines at Kit and Ace, too!



Fur is daring and monochromatic, taking on color hues found in undergarments. Seen here in Fendi Promo 2017. The blue and grey tones work together beautifully. 


Platforms are very much in season. Most designers at Fashion Week had some sort of platform with their looks. Shown below are from Stella McCartney 2016-2017 Winter. It is so pretty with a sort of effortless look, and also super comfortable. Of course they make you look taller, too! I really like them with the ath-leisure look, too.  


As always, I'm working with Mabel most of the week at the Sacramento Street store. Stop by and let's talk summer looks, and we'll pair it up with something from Mabel's newest lines, too!



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