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Holiday Shopping Events

Holiday Shopping Events

Last year my husband arranged for me and a few other makers-designers to hold an ad hoc Holiday Shopping Event, at Salesforce, where he works.

I brought my friend Phuong, from Tourance, and there were a few other vendors (who I didn't know) selling unique items over the course of a three-hour window. We all made some money, but mostly we had a lot of fun. Meeting new customers is always a delight, introducing them to our creations and our businesses, which we consider a member of the family ("it's my baby!")

We'll probably be doing another holiday event this year at Salesforce, which prompted me to think that maybe some of you would enjoy creating an event at your workplace, too. It requires only a little bit of coordination, and we're happy to work with you for a suitable time: maybe a lunch-oriented time works best, maybe a happy hour is better for your group.

We're also open to helping out with holiday giving, and will entertain donating a part of the proceeds to a charitable organization that your company or employee group supports.

If this is appealing, send me a note! I'd love to hear from you, and I'll work with other designers to make it a sweet holiday event. Drop me a line at

Stay beautiful!






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