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IfOnly: My Newest Thing!

IfOnly: My Newest Thing!

I was recently invited to become an experience partner at IfOnly, the experiential marketplace started a few years back by Trevor Traina. Kyle and I have so much fun talking jewelry, fashion, style and the like, I thought we should share it with the world! Portions of every experience are donated to the Tipping Point Community, which helps with the elimination of poverty. So now I have three experiences on offer:

1. Personal Jewelry Styling

2. Make a Gift Workshop

3. "The Freshness": A Jewelry Makeover

I couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of this. Participants will come to the store on a pre-arranged evening, sip something (we can't talk about that on IfOnly), and together we'll create something new that is sure to delight. There's also a considerable discount in play away!




Such a great post, I will def put this on my wish list for my next gift occasion:)

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