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Why are diamonds "forever"?

Why are diamonds "forever"?

April's birthstone is the diamond.  And do you know why diamonds are forever?

Because they take 'forever' to come into existence: every "girls' best friend" ranges from being 1 billion to 3.3 billion years old!

Made of carbon clusters under intense pressure some 90-250 miles beneath the earth's surface, diamonds 'emigrate' to the surface through deep volcanic eruptions.

(Rough diamonds, waiting to be cut, faceted, and become effervescent with brilliance.)

Diamonds are usually clear but come in a variety of colors, often earning higher valuations because of their extreme rarity.  (Mabel loves working with the black/brown tones.)

They were first found in the 4th century BC, on the Silk Road, and were valued because of their strength and ability to refract light. They were soon worn as adornments, later used as cutting tools, and for talismans to ward off evil. In the Dark Ages, diamonds were used as medical aids, and were thought to cure illness--but even today, a new "rock" on your finger makes most any woman feel like a million bucks, right?

It just so happens that Mabel is an April baby, and is thinking about them a lot these days. Come in and see what she has designed lately!


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