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We finally shipped the 500 pcs of keishy pearl necklaces

Phew! We finally shipped the 500 pcs of keishy pearl necklaces. That is the biggest quantity we have done for a necklace. Even though it is a simple necklace, 500x1 it is not easy.

I learned so much from making this order. I had to stay up late to call Hong Kong to send me the keishy pearls twice, since keishy is naturally shaped. Out of 600 pcs of pearls they sent the first time, only 300 pcs had the right shape. I ended up getting another 600 pcs of pearls, just to produce the 500 necklaces. There is 5 jump rings in this necklace, that makes 2500 pcs of jump rings. I wasn’t sure if the supplier would have that kind of quantity in stock, good thing I ordered in advanced because they shipped in 3 times.

And at last, everything was ready to go! When we were boxing the jewelry, guess what happened? We realized we packed the necklaces upside down! My staff and I stayed up until 8pm to repack the necklaces in the inserts.

We live and learn, now I am ready for more orders!

Love, Mabel


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