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Busy July

July - Amanda
It's been such an exciting month at Mabel Chong.

We got back from the JCK show in Las Vegas not long ago.
Not only did we get to meet new wonderful stores and buyers from all over the world.
We also met Jill the costume designer of the ABC show, Revenge!
Jill and I have selected great pieces from Mabel's most popular collections for
Emily Clark, Victoria Grayson and Charlotte Grayson

It was such a fun and exciting process as I'm a big fan of this show myself! 
Stay tuned for Season 4
These foxy ladies will certainly be wearing Mabel Chong Jewelry while they sort out there dilemma!

Launching our new website
It has been both very exciting and stressful all in the same time.
Thanks to Monty, Anna, Mark and Mabel for making this happen!
Making our customers online shopping experience a lot more pleasant and easy.
Its even mobile friendly

Last but not least
It's been a real hot topic since all over tech crunch, time and even sf gate.
Michelle Geller VP of Merchant invited us to join 11main's press release in NYC.
They have selected us to be part of a visual experience for the woman store @ the 11Main press release.
It was a delightful experience to have Lost Wax Studio and Tay as our neighbor.
It was my first trip to New York!
Day 1
Setting up @Studio 450
Merchant mixer with the team 11Main @Park South Hotel
Lots of bubbly and rain!
Day 2
The event: 
From Left to right.
Michelle Geller, Teresa, Kim, Carlee Gomes, Me, Mike Effle, Abbygail Reyes, Amber.
Such an amazing team to work with! 


The end of the day toast.

It has been such an amazing experience for Mabel and I.



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