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Hong Kong Gem Show

Winter is a surprisingly busy season.   
I love going to NY with Amanda--she somehow knows all the best places and people.
After displaying my newest designs at the New York and San Francisco Gift shows, I took a quick trip to Hong Kong for some stone shopping and a little re-connect time with my family and friends.

I was lucky enough to find my favorite South Sea pearl vendors there, which is great because pearls are super-hot right now. And why shouldn't they be, they're so gorgeous, lush, and sexy! Everywhere I look, I see pearls, even on the hipsters!

 Look at the luster!
I also bought these Tanzanites, which captivated me immediately. Forget gray, how about 50 shades of Tanzanite!
A day after I returned from HK, Amanda and I were at the Professional Business Women of California Conference, in the Moscone Center, for a 12-hour day, selling to the fabulous women of the Bay Area. It was a fabulous event, meeting so many women doing really great things.

Sandy Carter supporting Mabel Chong! :) I love those south sea pearls on her!

At the end of the day, though, I was so pooped, I couldn't finish reading a "Pinkalicious" book to my girls before bed.
Out. Cold.
But I love it. I am so blessed, I pinch myself.
I hope to see you in the store or online soon...
Stay beautiful!



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