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Oh! So Charming!

Options are a girl's best friend...

You must take a look at my new "Up/Downtown" earrings.

These "Convertible" earrings let you add pieces to or take away from, and feature clusters of gems and gold beads, roundels and pearls, which you co-design to fit your mood.

Going to a formal do with Mr. Minimal? Pare it down to the core gem. A night out with the girls? Add all the components for glam, sparkle, and fun. 
Change your look, and amp up your personality in three seconds.

Currently there are three designs to choose from:
Up/ Downtown London
Up/Downtown in London
I love the versatility! It's like having four earrings for the price of one.
(Or, if you're Miss Asymmetrical, even more possibilities exist....)

As the late, great Joan Rivers used to say, "Can we talk?"




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