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A lovely weekend with team 11Main!

A weekend of business and leisure, we spent a productive and wonderful sunday with an amazing group of people.
Carlee, Andrew and Lauren from 11Main along with team Mabel and kids!
We were blessed with beautiful weather and great company up in Kenwood.
It was so hard for us to drive back to San Francisco by the end of our little get-away.
They came to shoot photos and video for an upcoming Featured Designer segment on 11Main.
Everyday starts with a big breakfast!
First I would like to thank Carol for such wonderful eggs we used for breakfast! 
2 whole garlic
1/2 an onions
2 - 3 jelapenos pepper
2 diced tomato 
1 can of gabonzo beans
5 eggs

Salt and pepper for seasoning.

sauté garlic and onion with abit of olive oil.
add Jelapenos, diced tomato and gabonzo beans last.
add eggs in between the ingredients, sprinkle salt and pepper ontop
place it in oven until eggs are baked! :) 

After breakfast we went to the Gem Fair at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds for some photos--Mabel had many stones to buy, too. 
Afterward, we went back to the house where we were hosting a Chinese hot pot for a late lunch. Lili and her kids, Mabel and her family--and nanny, Kit, too, were all in attendance. After taking photos of the food prep and close-up shots of this delicious broth, it was time to eat! 
It was Carlee and Andrew's first traditional hot pot, and it felt great to introduce this special Chinese cuisine to these two!
Mabel: even for a photo-op, she's multi-tasking!
After the meal it was time for a little bit of sunshine and fun.
Even Carlee Joined in :) 
It was such an enjoyable afternoon!
Stay beautiful!
Amanda Lui


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