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May is for Emeralds

May's birthstone is the emerald, which, with its sparkling green tint makes it the ideal representation of rebirth, youth, and the uprising of nature in her annual cycle. No longer just spring, but summer is in the air: you can feel it.

Most people don't know it, but most emeralds are found with inclusions: however, these "birthmarks" do not diminish the value of the stone. As one of the rarest gems found in nature, emeralds are even more highly valued the deeper and more vivid they are, with the most valuable ones possessing an intense blueish hue as a top note on their basic (beautiful) green color.

I personally love to work with emeralds: they actually calm my breath and put me in a peaceful, deep sense of gratitude. I'm just happier around emeralds. How about you?

(Of course, being that my business tagline has always been "Uncivilized Elegance," I usually work in a rougher form of emerald.)



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