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Olive Harvest in Geyserville

Two Sundays ago we went up to Geyserville for an olive harvest. The sun was already high by the time we arrived later in the morning, and we set out with our buckets and plucked handful after handful of the green and black nuggets. The whole family got involved, and we picked for about two hours until it was time for lunch, a great Italian affair in the middle of a horse ranch in wine country!
Our hostess was my customer and friend Nicole, and her husband made pizzas in an outdoor brick oven, and there was a variety of salads and desserts, all very popular with the kids. Of course there was wine, red, white, and sparkling, and I got a little tipsy under the sun. It was a nice reminder not to take life too seriously, to forget about work for awhile, and just be grateful for whatever the day spins up.
I'm sure the day will flash through my memory over the next few months, as I get eyebrow deep back into business. 
Next time you come in, remind me that it's just a job! That we have a lot to be thankful for!
I have several private holiday shows coming up soon--if you'd like me or Amanda to come by for a group of 8 or more, we'd be happy to talk.

Jacob mans the oven. I made a pesto pizza, no sauce, topped off with figs!
Everleigh and I take a break in the shade

The girls sign the guest book


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