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Anthem in Menlo Park!

Anthem in Menlo Park!


I'm very excited to share that my friend Janelle Loevner, who owns Anthem a few doors down, is opening a brand new location in Menlo Park. When you walk into Anthem you feel a sort of "je ne sais quoi". Her store makes you feel like you're in a fantasy home-–which is a good thing considering her main focus is interior design!

Her aesthetic is creams and nudes, and patterns with texture and sparkle. She furnishes an eclectic mix of rustic and modern, classy and chic. The store is a trigger for the imagination.

I also want to announce that Anthem in Menlo Park is carrying my jewelry! So while you're shopping for your abode, be sure not to forget about yourself, too.

Below, Janelle talks about some of her favorite things featured in her store, in Silicon Valley Magazine--which is really quite an amazing publication!


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