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Professional Business Women's Conference

As a woman who designs for women and as the mother of two young women-to-one-day-be, I couldn't be more thrilled to represent at the San Francisco PBWC show today (Professional Business Women's Conference).

With Hillary Clinton, Taraji Henson, Memory Banda, and Rosario Dawson speaking, it will be an amazing event. Libby Schaaf--the Mayor of Oakland--will be there, and a dozen others I hope I can see.

I've been doing this show for awhile, and it is always a refresher for me to see so many professional women working together to network, support, and enjoy one another.

Look for Instagrams and Facebook posts throughout the day. And if you can't make it over, know that I'm also providing a 15% online discount to anyone who can't make it to the conference. Use the promo PBWC at checkout, for 15% this week, up 'til April 1.

If you're at the show, 'lean in' over to my booth and say hi!”

Stay beautiful!



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