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Weekend Chic!

Hello everyone, it's Tom again coming to you from the Union street Mabel Chong store. Surrounded by sport bars and athletic wear boutiques, I bring you my 2nd blog.

The topic this week is "Weekend Chic."  Working weekends on a street like Union, I've become somewhat of a "looks critic." Given all I see here, I have a few ideas about the topic.


1. Weekend chic in San Francisco shouldn't be about the expression of money. As a general rule I steer clear of the dreadful subject (of money), except to say that chic doesn't rely on money to exist and it can even be the death of chic.

2. Chic is what you bring to your choice of clothes and accessories, appropriate for the activity and with fashion trends in mind—or not.

3. Mabel's brick and mortar presence of course is San Francisco and it's the town I know best. However, with a vibrant online presence Mabel's reach is global, and we are grateful for the introduction.  San Francisco offers so much to those who live and visit here. To list them would be a bit boastful and not fair to those from far away.  And I'm sure there are things to boast beyond San Francisco. That said I encourage everyone to take a moment and google to see what is available to you in your location to enjoy and to bring your chic to that activity.  Create that memory today that will make for a happy life later on!

4) Whether you're a slave to fashion, just a casual observer, or confident of your own style choices and don't pay attention...the fact is trends are big news and influence everything you buy.  We may think we choose the color but it's already been decided for us two years prior by the big 3 forecasters  1) The Color Association of the United State, 2) the Color Marketing Group, and the Pantone Institute. 

So, with that in mind, here are the trends for Summer 2017 that said "Weekend Chic" to me when doing my research for the blog. 

1) Florals.  Head to toe.  Flower Power.  50th Celebration of San Francisco's "Summer of Love."  These are wallpaper-worthy florals.  And yes Miranda Priestly, it IS groundbreaking.

2) Stripes!  Graphic and BOLD...this is not a subtle stripe in demure colors

It is a bright and loud and in your face horizontal and vertical kind of stripe!

3) which segues into the next trend...the Super brights – brighter than the sun!

with the colors all mixed up and clashing.  Never has being what we have been told is wrong ever looked and felt so right!

4) Then over your favorite jeans or a skirt we have SHIRTS worn off the shoulder, or cold shoulder (think Flashdance) with the sleeves down to there and beyond.

the 80's are also on trend with Flashdance released in 1983 and too think Dynasty big shoulders and cinched waists but that's another blog!  More like "Weekday Torture" and not "Weekend Chic." 

5) and lastly, at least for the purposes of this blog is The Sheer Factor or Peekaboo think sundress transitioning from a walk on the beach to an evening concert in the park. It is you who will bring the lovely to the dress.

Fashion or Style don't always have to be at odds.  When they are blended it's a great tool to use when you're ready to freshen your existing wardrobe making it de rigueur and you au courant.  And then empowered by your own personal style you will confidently stride into that weekend of chic enjoying all that your environs have to offer with no worry about having to keep up with the Joneses because the truth is YOU are the Joneses!

Thank you for taking the time to read my little blog, please come see me at 1949 Union and if in the neighborhood Mabel and Kyle can be found at 3242 Sacramento,

Until next time,




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