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March Birthstones

March Birthstones

Twice the fun!  Aquamarine and Bloodstone

March has two birthstones, Aquamarine and Bloodstone. Bloodstone is the traditional birthstone and Aquamarine is the modern version we celebrate with.

Aquamarine was thought to protect sailors, and make people feel calm and relaxed in times of turmoil. We love it because it complements any spring and summer wardrobe choices! 

The gem is mined primarily in Brazil but also found in Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan, and Mozambique.

Mabel says: "Aquamarine was the first precious gemstone I worked with. I remember how I carried my first strand around so carefully, and how I looked at it over and over again, not really knowing what to do with it, but how I was totally enchanted with it. These days it is the cornerstone of my bridal collection--I just love it."


On the hardness scale of 1-10, Aquamarine is a 7.5: It's pretty hard, probably won't break, but it can scratch. Especially for larger pieces, like a pendant, you might consider storing it in a felt bag. (stop by my store if you need one.)



Bloodstone (or Heliotrope) is essentially jasper and a mixture of different quartzes. Usually it's green, with little red inclusions of Hematite.

Bloodstone was called the “Stone of Babylon” by Albert the Great (1193-1280) and he referred to its magical properties. In a more ancient context, Damigeron wrote about its rainmaking property, and its special power in the preserving of health and youth. (Too bad you can't eat them!)

Bloodstones are found mostly in India, but is also found in Armenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Australia, and the United States.



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